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“A committee is a group that keeps minutes and loses hours."
- Milton Berle

Anyone will tell you that meetings are costly, take up a lot of time and energy, vary in productivity and create a ripple effect across organisations.

MeetingQuality won’t tell you how to prepare for or facilitate your meetings – rather it acts as a measure of productivity and effectiveness so you and your employees and colleagues will want to improve your own meeting processes. Measuring the quality of a meeting improves the efficiency of the meeting, and increases productivity, morale, diversity and outcomes. Historically it has been difficult to quantify efficiency gains within meetings over time. Research worldwide into meeting productivity has been sporadic and has usually been carried out randomly by organisations internally.

When MeetingQuality is invited to your meetings, it collates what your meeting attendees are really thinking while still completely protecting their anonymity. MeetingQuality then tabulates the results in graph form across the group, whole organisation and can even be extended to benchmarking within a sector.

Increases in positive meeting behaviour, effectiveness, and productivity are easily visible to the individual as well as the organisation.

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