“Great vision without great people is irrelevant."
- Jim Collins

It’s become a little clichéd but, the truth remains, an organisation’s people are their most important asset.

Ignite Performance offers a range of help to ensure your business provides a desirable work environment and optimises the performance outcomes achieved by its people.

  • Strategic Planning: Ignite Performance can provide advisory services across a range of actvities including Workforce Planning, Succession Planning as well as Recruitment and Retention Strategies
  • Capability Assessment: Ignite Performance consultants are experienced managers and leaders and their own success is testament to the people and teams with whom they've worked.  This, combined with specific measurement techniques, provides a comprehensive assessment of individual and business function performance
  • Outsourcing: Sometimes, the best person to perform a job might not be one on the payroll. All businesses have to perform tasks that are not core to business and would be better served by others for whom it is their business. Ignite Performance has extensive experience identifying and quantifying those opportunities as well as completing the detailed needs analysis and partner selection exercises.