Strategic Planning

Ignite Performance creates a learning transfer strategy for every client's project based on the organisation's systems, culture and continuous learning approach.

Questions that will help us get the best results for you will include:

  • How do we know learners are ready for this learning event, and what is the best way to prepare them to learn and use the skills?
  • How is goal setting included in the learning process?
  • What forms of practice are best for this content and this audience?
  • What kinds of learning review and application support are needed to ensure use of the skills after the learning event?
  • What is the best way to align the organisation to support the use of the skills learned?
  • Are managers and peers prepared to coach and support the application of the learning?
  • Do they have the confidence, competence and capacity to support?
  • Will the organisation's culture support the use of learning, or will it be a barrier?
  • What steps can we put in place to overcome resistance?