Advanced Facilitation Skills

“A facilitator is the custodian of the consensus process, a servant-leader whose purpose is to help the group make the best decisions possible.”
- Beatrice Briggs

The Business Case

Effective groups drive change. A group’s effectiveness is often greatly influenced by the ability of their facilitator.

Facilitation requires stepping away from the traditional role of ‘expert’ and instead act as an enabler, allowing the group to share their knowledge, explore issues, generate ideas, solve problems and resolve conflicts.

Advanced facilitation skills are essential to achieving results through others.

The Payoff

Facilitation is a core skill for successful leaders and practitioners as it enables you to run more effective, focused meetings and training sessions.

You will learn how to help groups build consensus and drive change. You will be equipped with the necessary confidence, knowledge and skills to engage with others in a productive way.

Our Approach

Advanced Facilitation Skills is a one day practical workshop that gives you an opportunity to explore tools and techniques, gain feedback in practice sessions, extend your knowledge and skills and build your confidence in facilitating challenging group situations.

Who Will Benefit

This workshop is designed for anyone who, in their role of facilitator, needs to help groups learn and improve performance.