Coaching Accountability

“It’s easy to find a leader who creates warm and lasting relationships but who struggles to get things done. It’s not much harder to find a no-nonsense, hard-hitting leader who you might send in to put out the fire but who creates hard feelings. So, when you find someone who can manage people and production, you’ve got a real gem.”
- Al Switzler

The Business Case

  • In the worst companies, poor performance is ignored.
  • In good companies, the Manager eventually deals with the problem.
  • In the best companies, the Manager holds team members accountable from the beginning.

One of the key accountabilities of Leaders is to hold each team member accountable and help them perform to their full potential. However, for many employees, there is a vast gulf between what they must do to meet expectations and what they could do if they performed at their full potential. Some Leaders choose the certainty of silence over the risk of speaking up, holding out hope that marginal employees will magically transform themselves overnight into high performers.

Tolerating mediocrity can have a detrimental impact on productivity and profitability. What is required is an open and frank conversation with each staff member about his/her performance then a documented plan of action that is followed through.

The Payoff

Coaching Accountability provides Leaders the skills to confront performance issues and broken promises effectively, to communicate expectations and consequences. Leaders will understand that they cannot force others to change; however using the tools provided in this program, they can respectfully help staff to choose their own destiny – to choose whether they want to be part of a team focused on results.

The result will be a more engaged workforce and a subsequent improvement in the levers associated with a high performing culture: lower turnover, less absenteeism and dissatisfaction and higher productivity.

Our Approach

Coaching Accountability is a one day, interactive workshop which will give you the framework and the practice you need to be confident in holding your team members to account in delivering results.

The Ignite Performance difference is that we focus on change, not just on learning. Your participants will also be provided with an effective learning transfer strategy to create behavioural change back in the workplace and improve business results.

Who Will Benefit

Managers who want to improve the knowledge, skill and performance of your teams through coaching conversations.