Leading Change

“The world hates change, yet it is the only thing that has brought progress.”- Charles Kettering

The Business Case

According to a summary of over 40 research studies on change, the success rate of corporate change programs is 33%. There are two major reasons why change fails. First, we focus on designing the right strategy, structure, systems and technologies and don’t put enough energy into the human side of change. The second reason change fails is that we try to tackle what we can see (behaviour) rather than what’s really important to people (i.e. beliefs, values).

This workshop is designed to equip leaders with the skills to create a workplace environment that is receptive to change. Only then will people thrive on change.

The Payoff

Leading Your People Through Change will give your Leaders the tools and techniques to effectively manage the people side of change by:

  • Anticipating problems that may occur in implementing change within their work environments
  • Creating an environment receptive to change
  • Assisting individuals to deal with the emotional and physical effects of change.

Our Approach

Leading Change is a one day, interactive workshop which will enable you to assess your organisation's current change approach and develop strategies to effectively manage change and build change capability.

The Ignite Performance difference is that we focus on change, not just on learning. Your participants will also be provided with an effective learning transfer strategy to create behavioural change back in the workplace and improve business results.

Who Will Benefit

This workshop will benefit any leader whose role is to design and lead change yet they are struggling to make change stick. It contains a host of tools and techniques to choose from that will help ensure the key ingredients are present for organisational change to be successful.