Managing Change

“People don’t hate change. They hate how you’re trying to change them.”- Michael. T . Kanazawa

The Business Case

The number one obstacle to success for major change projects is employee resistance and the ineffective management of the people side of change. An individual's Manager is the most effective person to manage resistance to change at an individual level and to correct misleading information about the change.

The Payoff

Managing Change will give your Managers the tools that will help them adapt to the change themselves as well as proactively manage the people side of change and learn techniques for managing employee resistance.

Our Approach

Managing Change is a one day, interactive workshop which will guide your Managers in developing a Change Management Coaching Plan that they can begin to implement as soon as they return to the workplace.

The Ignite Performance difference is that we focus on change, not just on learning. In consultation with you, we will develop an effective learning transfer strategy to create behavioural change back in the workplace and improve business results.

Who Will Benefit

This workshop will benefit Managers whose role is to engage and support their teams in implementing major change. Using a change management "toolkit", Managers will be able to have targeted change management conversations with their team members to manage resistance to change.