Managing People for Performance

“What is the first duty of a manager? To strive for the best possible economic results from the resources currently employed or available.”
- Peter Drucker

The Business Case

Managers are under constant pressure to ensure their people are working at peak levels to achieve business outcomes. This presents a wealth of unique challenges for the Manager, ranging from driving individual accountability to monitoring their team’s performance.

Many performance issues are left to fester when early intervention is the key to prevent escalation. People issues resolved early can save you and your business a huge amount of wasted time and effort.

The Payoff

Managers will learn a practical and proven method to help plan, execute, assess and review individual and team performance.

Our Approach

This one day workshop adopts a proactive approach to creating a high performance team by focusing on core managerial skills of goal setting, delegation, feedback and appraisal.

Who Will Benefit

Managers who want to optimise the performance of their team to achieve business goals.