The Mindful Leader

“Leaders are made, not born.”
- Warren Bennis


What is the most important challenge facing businesses today? Growing a pipeline of adaptable, self-aware leaders. In fact, more than half of today’s CEO’s are changing the way in which they develop their leadership pipeline to ensure their leaders can deliver the “people edge”.

The Mindful Leader Program has been designed to move your leaders to new perspectives and behaviours. It helps them learn how to personally adapt to change so they can help others to adapt.


Applying the neuroscience of leadership development, this program generates immediate use tools, giving leaders what they need, the way they need it, when they need it.
Collaboration on a people-related strategic challenge helps build awareness of the challenges and opportunities facing your business and strengthens strategic capability.


Applying the neuroscience of learning, we reinvent the traditional approach to program design to facilitate rapid learning and to make ideas stick.
We guarantee a high value development experience.


  • Leaders who want immediate, fast access to how things should be done, igniting a renewed confidence in their leadership capability
  • Organisations that want to create a pipeline of self-aware, authentic leaders.

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