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The Secret to Great Leadership

Learn how the “science of emotion” can help you improve the people-side of performance.

My journey into the world of emotional intelligence started early. Being the 8th born of 9 children, I worked out pretty quickly that tantrums don’t get you very far. What did work is savvy negotiating by appealing to the individual, one sibling at a time. That bought me tickets to movies, lollies and later on I even got to tag along on a few dates.

But when I started “real” work in a big corporate at 21, I soon realised I needed a whole new set of skills that weren’t taught at Uni. Skills of reading the room and responding to individual's moods and taking the temperature of the organisation. I didn’t know it then but this set of skills has a name: Emotional Intelligence.

And in the past 12 years of consulting and coaching, I know just how important EQ is for building bonds, making better decisions and creating high performance teams.

Take a listen to this podcast, a co-collaboration with Sterning Group, where I share some entertaining insights and a few war stories about my experiences helping leaders develop Emotional Intelligence.

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