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Creating Cohesive Teams

Do you have a group of talented individuals who are individually busy but not collectively productive?

Do you want a high performing team that strives for greatness even in times of uncertainty?

Are you keen to embed new team habits that stick well past the workshop?

At Ignite Performance, we believe that teams thrive when people connect, collaborate and share mutual trust. All of our programs are geared towards fostering greater connection and collaboration through the ebb and flow of business cycles. We’ll help your team take a deliberate approach to creating the right performance at the right time to achieve their goals.

Our Solutions

All of our programs below help lift the performance of your team and deliver sustained performance outcomes:

Five Behaviours of a Cohesive Team

A true measure of a team is that it achieves the results that it sets out to achieve. Based on Pat Lencioni’s “five dysfunctions” model, this program helps teams create an environment of trust and collaboration that elevates performance and drives accountability.

Group Styles Inventory (GSI)™

Develop consensus decision-making skills and align your team by measuring how they interact with one another and work as a team to solve problems. Identify behaviours for the group to change and build or strengthen to better achieve synergy.

Emotionally Intelligent Teams

All actions, behaviour, thinking and decisions start with emotions. A team can have everything going for it - the brightest and most qualified people, access to resources, a clear mission - but still fail because it lacks group emotional intelligence. Using our unique Ignite Performance Team EQ assessment, we can provide your team with instant feedback on their emotional competence and increase their capacity to conquer challenging situations.

“Teams That Work” Charter

All teams have implicit “norms” that evolve to become a team’s unique ecosystem. This includes ways of working as well as preferences for interacting, making decisions and solving problems. The difference between a good team and a great team is intentionality: high performing teams clarify, live and are accountable to their agreed “norms”. Using our unique EcoTeam Assessment Tool, we help teams design their own charter that will make the implicit explicit, clarifying the team’s direction and establish boundaries.

Our other solutions


“Ignite Performance facilitated a transformational “High Performance Team” workshop. In one day we learnt powerful new tools to practice vulnerability-based trust and it changed the dynamic of the team completely. My region has just achieved a record year in all areas and each leader still talks about the benefits of this program. I’d recommend partnering with Ignite Performance if you understand that great results are a direct result from cultivating a high-performing team.”
Regional Manager, O’Brien Glass


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